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notdNetHack is a variant of dNetHack, aiming to improve the shortcomings and balance of dNetHack, while also adding new content. The full changelog can be found at

New races

Adds Salamander, Ent and Etherealoid as playable races.

New roles

Adds the Illithanachronounbinder role.

Dungeon changes

The village

Dungeon level 4 is guaranteed to be a village of friendlies of your own race. It contains a couple of houses, a fountain and the travelling wizard.

The fountain will be replaced with a magic portal after talking with the wizard.

Chatting with the peaceful inhabitants of the village will give you hints about what is waiting in the adventure branches.

Adventure branches

The stairs to the Gnomish Mines are replaced with a magic portal to a branch the player chose while taking to the travelling wizard. Each of the branches contains a unique reward, a different set of enemies and obstacles.

The chosen branch will affect how the base level of the windowless tower and minetown will look.

Ice Caves

Enemies: Mainly cold-themed, including White naga hatchlings, white nagas, brown molds, chill bugs, baby white dragons, ice vortices

Minetown: Shopkeepers are frost giants or ice trolls instead of humans. The altar is being watched over by two hostile ice devils and fenced in with iron bars. The corner of said cage are trees. A river is flowing through the town.

Boss: Abominable Snowman

Reward: The Abominable Veil: a Cloak of displacement conveying cold resistance.

Windowless tower: Trees replaced with walls, the floor is ice.

Black Forest

Boss: Tulip Poplar

Reward: Quarterstaff with 2d6 extra damage.

Gnomish Mines

Unchanged from the original.

Dismal Swamp

Enemies: Snakes, kobolds, some orcs and birds (mostly parrots and ravens).

Minetown: Swampy, has two shops and a large stone structure on the northern part of the level, housing both a temple and the stairs down.

Boss: Kroo the Kobold King

Reward: Ring of alacrity conveying poison resistance.

Windowless tower: Swampy, but mostly traversible.


Enemies: Snakes, parrots

Minetown: Very small. The whole area will flood if any of the outer walls are damaged, swallowing loot and monsters alike.

Boss: Archipelago Ancient

Reward: The Gillystone, an emerald which conveys magical breathing and swimming when carried.

Windowless tower: Sand and lots of water.