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Digestion is a damage type dealt by some engulfing attacks. It causes delayed instadeath, and mostly affects players with high (bad) armor class. Digestion can be completely prevented by wearing a ring of slow digestion, which causes monsters trying to digest you to instead regurgitate you. The following monsters digest:

The number of monster hits before being totally digested is 8 + \frac{Con}{3} + d(\frac{25 - monsterLvl}{2} + 1) - AC

Lurkers and trappers are quite slow, so you generally have 4 turns for every lurker or trapper hit.

Until NetHack 3.6.2, if your life was saved from some other death while being digested, you would die on the next hit from the digestion attack. This was a bug.


"The <monster> digests you!"
You take damage from digestion.
"The <monster> thoroughly digests you!"
You take damage from digestion. You will die in 2 more hits.
"The <monster> utterly digests you!"
You take damage from digestion. You will die in 1 more hit.
"The <monster> totally digests you!"
You die.
"You get regurgitated! Obviously the <monster> doesn't like your taste."
You were expelled due to a worn ring of slow digestion.

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