Scroll of taming

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? Scroll.png
Name taming
Appearance random
Base price 200 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A scroll of taming, when read, tames adjacent monsters.


Monsters can potentially resist the taming effect, and some targets are not susceptible to taming. There is no difference between a blessed and an uncursed scroll, and the effect is identical to the charm monster spell.[1] Reading a cursed scroll will instead anger monsters adjacent to you which are peaceful, but not tame.

Reading the scroll while confused will increase the range, so that monsters within 5 squares of your location (i.e. an 11×11 area) will be affected (either tamed or angered, depending on the scroll's BUC as described above), instead of just those in adjacent squares.

In all cases above, if you are engulfed, the effects will only be applied to the engulfing creature and not any otherwise adjacent creatures or creatures within the the confused reading range.

The taming effect will pacify any angry creatures it affects that were formerly peaceful, such as shopkeepers and aligned priests.


This scroll cannot be distinguished from amnesia by price-identification, preplaced items, or monster usage. So you might want to formally identify any such 200 zm scrolls.


Nothing interesting happens.
You read a scroll of taming with no monsters in range.
Nothing interesting seems to happen.
You read a scroll of taming with monsters in range that were not tamed or angered.
The neighborhood is friendlier.
You tamed at least one monster with a scroll of taming.
The neighborhood is unfriendlier.
You angered at least one monster with a scroll of taming.


Charming monsters is useful in several situations - it can be used to quickly pacify a shopkeeper, aligned priest, or Minetown guard that you have accidentally angered, if you can afford repeated tries. It can be used to tame powerful monsters like minotaurs that don't have any magic resistance, or to halt an attack in a situation where you would otherwise die by taming a number of pets that you can easily abandon later.

Take note of the confused effect of the scroll, which cannot be duplicated by other means. Taming or pacifying a monster from a distance can be very useful if you don't want to be subject to its melee attack; you don't need to see it and the scroll even works through walls! The scroll can also be used as a substitute to conflict: when read, confused, in the midst of a large group of monsters, it is likely that a significant fraction of them will be tamed, distracting the unaffected ones in a massive brawl. Of course, you should have a cure to confusion on hand before trying this.


Before NetHack 3.6.0, and in variants derived from earlier versions, this scroll had no messages for any situation. This still unambiguously identified it upon reading, however, as it was the only such scroll to not have any messages.

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