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Quest guardians are peaceful humans generated on the Home level of the Quest in NetHack. They possess some distinct characteristics based on the quest they serve as guardian for (e.g. chieftains have poison resistance like barbarians).


The quest guardians are:

Role Guardians
Archeologist @ student
Barbarian @ chieftain
Caveman @ neanderthal
Healer @ attendant
Knight @ page
Monk @ abbot
Priest @ acolyte
Ranger @ hunter
Rogue @ thug
Samurai @ roshi
Tourist @ guide
Valkyrie @ warrior
Wizard @ apprentice

When #chatted to, quest guardians will give various quest-appropriate responses, which are listed on the appropriate role's Quest page. Pets will not attack quest guardians unless confused or under conflict. Killing a quest guardian reduces your current alignment record to 18, in addition to murder penalties.[1]


The quest guardians first appear alongside the Quest branch in NetHack 3.1.0.


That was probably a bad idea...
You killed a quest guardian and incurred a MAX/8 alignment record penalty, where MAX is your maximum alignment.
As above, while hallucinating.


Some variants make it so that quest guardians actively attack any and all hostile monsters that appear within the quest.


The quest guardians for the new roles introduced in SLASH'EM are:

Role Guardians
Flame Mage @ igniter
Ice Mage @ froster
Necromancer @ embalmer
Undead Slayer @ exterminator
Yeoman @ Yeoman Warder