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For the Valkyrie class title, see Valkyrie.
For the Slash'EM Extended role, see Warrior (role).

A warrior, @, is a Valkyrie quest guardian. Many warriors reside in the same room as the Norn. They are generated peaceful, and are seemingly fond of getting in your way. They provide a variety of messages when chatted to.

All warriors are chaotic, unlike player valkyries, which can be lawful or neutral, but not chaotic. (Before NetHack 3.1.0, player valkyries were chaotic).

Encyclopedia entry

These strange creatures live mostly on the surface of the
earth, gathering together in societies of various forms, but
occasionally a stray will descend into the depths and commit
mayhem among the dungeon residents who, naturally, often
resent the intrusion of such beasts. They are capable of
using weapons and magic, and it is even rumored that the
Wizard of Yendor is a member of this species.

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