Bag of digestion

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Name bag of digestion
Appearance bag
Base price 100 zm
Weight 15
Material cloth
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A bag of digestion is a type of container that appears in NetHack: The Next Generation and SlashTHEM. It is made of cloth and appears as a bag when unidentified.


Every time you loot or apply a bag of digestion, each of the items inside has a chance of disappearing as with a cursed bag of holding. Unlike the bag of holding, the bag of digestion will always "eat" items, and its beatitude determines the probability that each item inside will disappear when you loot it:

Case Probability
blessed 5%
uncursed 10%
cursed 50%

As with a bag of holding, you will have to pay for any unpaid items destroyed by a bag of digestion in a shop.


For obvious reasons, using a bag of digestion to store your items is risky, making its most ideal use as a form of garbage disposal for destroying troll corpses and unwanted items like wands that you also wish to prevent monsters from picking up - a cursed bag is likelier to empty faster. Remember that loadstones resist being put into containers and cannot be disposed of this way.


The bag of digestion weighs and costs as much as the bag of holding and bag of tricks, making price identification of unknown bags slightly more challenging. A (charged) bag of tricks can be distinguished by applying it, but the bag of holding and bag of digestion will both behave as ordinary containers. Be careful not to put any valuables into unidentified bags with a base price of 100!

One way to informally determine which type of bag you have is to determine its beatitude and uncurse it if necessary, then put junk items inside and loot or apply it several times. If an item disappears even though the bag is non-cursed, you can be sure that you have a bag of digestion. You may get faster results with an uncursed bag and multiple items - if you put a single item into an uncursed bag, there is a 110 chance that it will disappear the next time you loot the bag; this is increased to 25 for five items and 1320 for ten. Worthless glass is an ideal candidate for use-testing for a bag of digestion, as glass is lightweight and available in different colors, naturally forming multiple stacks.

If the unidentified bag is known to be cursed and you have showweight enabled, you can recognize a cursed bag of holding if it doubles the weight of items put inside.