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The #monster extended command allows you to use the special ability of a monster form you are polymorphed into. This may cost some energy. If you do not have any such ability, you will receive the message "Any special ability you may have is purely reflexive." If you are not polymorphed, you will receive the message "You don't have a special ability in your normal form!"

Monster Ability Cost in power
Black naga Spit venom
Cave spider Spin web
Cobra Spit venom
Dragon Breath weapon 15
Giant spider Spin web
Gremlin Split while on a fountain or water
Guardian naga Spit venom
Hell hound Breath weapon 15
Iron golem Breath weapon 15
Lurker above Hide
Mimic Mimic an item
Mind flayer Psychic blast 10
Nymph Remove iron balls caused by punishment
Piercer Hide
Pyrolisk Gaze 15
Red naga Breath weapon 15
Shrieker Shriek, aggravating monsters
Trapper Hide
Umber hulk Gaze 15
Unicorn Use horn
Vampire Change form
Werecreature Summon other creatures of the same type 10
Winter wolf Breath weapon 15


SLASH'EM introduces a number of new monsters that can use special abilities.

Monster Ability Cost in power
Acid worm Spit venom
Babau Gaze 20
Barking spider Spin web
Blinking eye Gaze 20
Bloodshot eye Gaze 20
Brownie Remove iron balls caused by punishment
Catoblepas Gaze 20
Chasme Gaze 20
Crystal golem Breath weapon 15
Diamond golem Breath weapon 15
Giant shoggoth Hide
Glowing eye Gaze 20
Kamadan Breath weapon 15
Pixie Remove iron balls caused by punishment
Phase spider Spin web
Quickling Remove iron balls caused by punishment
Recluse spider Spin web
Rhaumbusun Gaze 20
Ruby golem Breath weapon 15
Sapphire golem Breath weapon 15
Steel golem Breath weapon 15
Water hulk Gaze 20
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