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The nymph is a monster class in NetHack represented by a lowercase n (n). The class contains three nymph species:

  • n water nymph
  • n wood nymph
  • n mountain nymph

Common traits

All nymphs are almost exactly the same in terms of stats and generation, with the exception of the water nymph's ability to swim. The monster class is defined by the macro S_NYMPH in include/monsym.h.

Nymphs will not directly attack you and have poor AC, but are nevertheless very dangerous - they can charm you into removing your armor, stealing it and/or other items before attempting to teleport away. They are also capable of using said items - putting on armor and amulets, zapping wands and quaffing potions.

Nymphs will teleport at random while moving, making them hard to track down - eating a nymph's corpse has a chance of giving you teleportitis.


The nymph is one of the monsters included in Hack 1.0, being introduced in Hack for PDP-11 (a variant of Jay Fenlason's Hack) - from Hack 1.0 to NetHack 2.3e, nymphs used the N glyph. The nymph was replaced with the three distinct subtypes starting in NetHack 3.0.0, and they were moved to the n glyph.


Many variants add new monsters to the nymph class and expand on their common traits, taking cues from the ancient Greek folklore they originated in - Aphrodite and the nymph level are also common additions to variants, first appearing in SLASH'EM.


SLASH'EM adds some new monsters to the nymph monster class:


UnNetHack includes Aphrodite and the nymph level as well, but does not add any new monsters to the class.


SlashTHEM retains most of the newly added nymphs from SLASH'EM, and adds a couple of new monsters:

SlashTHEM also includes a "plain" nymph to represent the playable nymph race.


EvilHack contains Aphrodite and the nymph level, and also adds the ice nymph, which only appears in the Ice Queen's Realm.


dNetHack uses an entirely different set of monsters for the nymph monster class: