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All monsters belong to a monster class, based on the default ASCII monster symbol that represents them. For some classes, the symbol is almost all that unites them, for instance x or w. Other symbols represent monsters that share much in common, such as D or K. Additionally, some classes have individual members that are in many ways an "odd one out", such as E stalkers and e gas spores.

A blessed scroll of genocide allows you to wipe out some or all the species of a certain class. You can change the appearance of each class with the monsters option. A common change is to display ghosts and shades as X or 8 instead of   to make them more visible. However, this has no effect on the behaviour of genocide.

These descriptions are given in the game when you examine monsters with the far look ; or what is / commands.[1][2] Some of the in-game descriptions are incomplete; extra information is italicized.

The far look and what is commands also show the following symbols, which are not monster classes:

  • I, a remembered, unseen, creature
  • ~, is part of the tail of a long worm.
  • ] is one of the appearances of a mimic; it is described as "a strange object".


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