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A quadruped is a monster belonging to the monster class represented by the symbol q.

Quadrupeds consist of


"Quadruped" is a catch-all category for large animals that have four legs and do not fall into the other categories of canines, felines, rodents, equines, lizards, et cetera. All quadrupeds except the rothe are strong.

Some quadrupeds (titanothere, baluchitherium, and mastodon) are based on extinct real-world animals, while others are fantastic (rothe, leocrotta, mumak). Most, with the possible exception of the mysterious wumpus, are either mammals or have traits of mammals.


Many players have problems with these monsters when first encountered, due to their difficulty.

Quadrupeds are generally slow and hard-hitting monsters who can take a few hits before dying (with the notable exception of leocrottas). Players who are faster than one can use the hit and run strategy or fire ranged weapons at them from afar.



SLASH'EM introduces new quadrupeds:

Encyclopedia entry

The woodlands and other regions are inhabited by multitudes
of four-legged creatures which cannot be simply classified.
They might not have fiery breath or deadly stings, but
adventurers have nevertheless met their end numerous times
due to the claws, hooves, or bites of such animals.

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