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Printable ASCII characters
~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + space
` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = { } |
Qq Ww Ee Rr Tt Yy Uu Ii Oo Pp : " [ ] \
Aa Ss Dd Ff Gg Hh Jj Kk Ll ? ; ' Ctrl
Zz Xx Cc Vv Bb Nn Mm , . / < > Alt



SLASH'EM introduces new monsters that use the u and U glyphs:


UnNetHack introduces the shambling horrors, which are represented by U.


dNetHack adds several new monsters that use the u and U glyphs - the U glyph is used for unknonwn abominations, a new monster class that replaces the umber hulk monster class; the umber hulk is still present in this new class as U.

The new monsters include:


In xNetHack, U now represents aberrations; umber hulks remain in this class, and U mind flayers, U quantum mechanics, and U genetic engineers now use this glyph.


EvilHack also includes the shambling horror, which uses the same glyph as in UnNetHack, as well as several other new monsters in the u class: