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A cauchemar, u, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. Cauchemars are herbivorous and domestic horse-like monsters that serve as the chaotic equivalent of the warhorse and possess most of the same qualities.

A cauchemar has a kick attack and a poisonous bite attack, and possesses poison resistance.

Eating a cauchemar corpse or tin conveys 20% (15) additional poison resistance.


Cauchemars may be generated as peaceful for chaotic characters. A (greater) nightmare can grow up into a cauchemar.

Cauchemars appear among the random u that are part of the second quest monster class for Infidels and make up 24175 of the monsters randomly generated on the Infidel quest.

Encyclopedia entry

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule--
From a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,
Out of SPACE -- Out of TIME.
[ Dream-Land, by Edgar Allen Poe ]

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