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Future home for info regarding the variant EvilHack.

see also, the changelog: https://github.com/k21971/EvilHack/blob/master/doc/evilhack-changelog.txt


  • Giants can play as either a Barbarian, Caveman, Monk, Priest or Valkyrie.
  • Giants can be any of the three alignments (role restrictions enforced) and either gender.
  • Giants have increased initial and maximum cap carrying capacity, with max STR and CON set to 25.
  • Giants can pickup and throw boulders - in Sokoban, the player is asked before picking up/moving aside a boulder.
  • Giants have innate knowledge of certain gems, can ID touchstones and can dig as well as a dwarf.
  • Giants excel in bare-handed combat or with a club, and have a greater chance of stunning an opponent or shattering their wielded weapon.
  • Giants can wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
  • Giants cannot wear body armor, cloaks or t-shirts.
  • Other things in-game that require strength to accomplish are easier for Giants.


  • they can pick up and use wands
  • they try to assess whether their melee or a wand is better, and then attack thusly