Chromatic dragon scales (EvilHack)

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Appearance chromatic dragon scales
Slot cloak
AC 3
Base price 1500 zm
Weight 40
Material dragon hide

Chromatic dragon scales are a type of cloak that appear in EvilHack. They are made of dragon hide like all dragon scales.


Chromatic dragon scales are not randomly generated, though they can be found in bones. Wishing for a set of chromatic dragon scales will give the character a random set of normal dragon scales instead.

Tiamat has a 13 chance of leaving behind chromatic dragon scales upon death.


While worn, chromatic dragon scales confer 3 AC, magic resistance and act as a light source. Giant characters can wear chromatic dragon scales as one of the few cloak-slot pieces of armor that they are not too large for. When made into dragon-scaled armor, chromatic dragon scales confer a +5 bonus to AC along with several properties corresponding to specific colors of dragon:

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