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The centaur is a playable race that appears in EvilHack. Like monster centaurs, they are strong, fast and proficient in archery.

Centaurs can be neutral or chaotic, and can be played as a Barbarian, Healer, Knight, Monk, Priest, Ranger, or Valkyrie.

Racial benefits and restrictions

Centaurs are among the physically stronger player races, and have higher hit point increases per experience level gained in comparison to humans. They start with intrinsic speed, and gain jumping at experience level five and warning at level 10; this type of jumping is similar to the extrinsic from wearing jumping boots, and is distinct from the jumping used by Knights.

While not as strong as giants, centaurs share their increased carrying capacity as a result of their half-equine build - however, this also prevents them from wearing any boots or riding steeds. The intrinsics they gain and the wider variety of armor available in the game can compensate for this, thankfully. Centaurs know the identities of all bow and crossbow weapons and their projectiles automatically, and get a multishot bonus with either type.

Attribute caps

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Centaur 20 20 18 12 14 16

Despite their strength, centaurs are much more lacking in mental stats in comparison to other playable species, due to their wild nature.


To be written.


The centaur was first added in version 0.1.2, with additional adjustments to armor choices for both them and "monster" centaurs.[1]

In version 0.4.2, a bug that still displayed the riding skill in the menu of the #enhance extended command for centaurs was removed.[2]

Version 0.6.0 fixes issues with player centaurs and kicking.[3]

Version 0.7.0 includes various fixes related to player centaurs and their player monster equivalents:[4]

  • A chokepoint on the goal level of the Ranger quest that would otherwise be impassable for centaur Rangers was removed.
  • Centaurian player monster gear is adjusted, and centaurs in general had their monster starting inventory adjusted to avoid generating them with armor they could not use.
  • In previous versions, centaur Monks would use the random additional kick against any monster - as they cannot wear boots, this posed a significant and randomized risk of instadeath in various situations, e.g. from kicking a cockatrice. As of this version, the random kick attack will no longer fire against cockatrices and other similar monsters.
  • Centaur kick attacks were buffed to be stronger than those of other player races.

Version 0.7.1 added centaur Knights and their player monster equivalents.[5]


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