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( Whistle.png
Name magic whistle
Appearance whistle
Base price 10 zm
Weight 3
Material metal
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A magic whistle is a tool which appears as a whistle when unidentified. When you apply a non-cursed magic whistle, any pets on the level will be teleported next to you. Even pets that are otherwise unable to move will be summoned, although they will still be unable to move. This is immensely useful both for keeping pets with you without a tedious wait at every down staircase and for speeding up the process of stealing from shops with the aid of a pet.

A magic whistle can easily be distinguished from an ordinary tin whistle by the sound it makes (see below).

A blessed eucalyptus leaf can also be used as a magic whistle when applied, although this will eventually unbless it.


You produce a strange whistling sound.
You applied a non-cursed magic whistle, or a cursed magic whistle (50% chance).
You produce a strange, sharp vibration.
As above, while deaf.
You produce a high-pitched humming noise.
You applied a cursed magic whistle (50% chance). This does not summon pets to your side, and can wake nearby monsters.
You produce a high-frequency vibration.
As above, while deaf.
You produce a normal whistling sound.
You applied a magic whistle while hallucinating.

If you are underwater, the whistling sound is also described as "high-pitched", and the noise and vibration of a cursed whistle are "very" high.[1]


Whistles are one of the few items that are safe to use test, so simply apply them to distinguish between magic and tin whistles. In most cases it is even safe to apply a whistle found in a shop before buying it. However if you want to play a no-shoplifting conduct or your pet may attack the shopkeeper (for example a warhorse) or you want to conserve your pet's apport, this is a bad idea. When you have tested your first whistle, name it accordingly, and other whistles you find will be identifiable.

When your pet accidentally steps on a polymorph trap and turns into some immobile monster you can still save it with a magic whistle. Just stand next to the trap (where your pet probably still stands) and keep whistling until you see some decent pet (e.g. a dragon).

As magic whistles are fairly common magical tools, it is a good idea to collect them. You can then try to polypile your surplus ones into magic markers.


NetHack Brass

In NetHack brass, magic whistles are now tools with limited charges. This change lessens their dependability, and forces players to be more cautious in deciding when to use them.


In FIQHack, a magic whistle will not recall pets on a non-teleport level unless the whistle is blessed.

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