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Multishot is the ability to sometimes throw or fire more than one projectile of certain types in a single move. One must be careful with this tactic as the first projectile may kill the enemy, allowing the next to proceed to hit a pet or peaceful monster.


The multishot counter starts at 1, and is modified as follows:

Racial bonuses are based on your starting race, not your current race. For example, a human polymorphed into an orc will not fire an extra orcish arrow from his orcish bow, but an orc polymorphed into a mountain centaur will get the bonus. Because of this limitation, a human or dwarven player will be unable to achieve the maximum multishot value of 5 no matter their role, weapon, or weapon skill level.

The actual number of missiles fired is d(multishot)—that is, between 1 and your multishot counter, inclusive—but no higher than the number of missiles in the stack.

You may limit the number of missiles fired or thrown with a numeric prefix such as "1fh" in vi-mode or "n1f4" in numpad mode to fire one missile to the left - you will fire the lesser of the number of missiles you chose and the number you would otherwise have fired.

Eligible missiles

You can fire or throw multiples of:

You can fire multiple stones/gems/glass, crossbow bolts or arrows only if you are wielding the appropriate launcher.

Throwing with t and firing with f are equivalent, except that t does not trigger the autoquiver option. Throwing gold pieces is an exception; you can throw t an arbitrary amount, but fire f only one piece. The gold will always miss monsters, but has a chance of angering priests and shopkeepers. (This does not break atheist conduct.) Throwing gold down dark corridors can substitute for a way to detect monsters.


For monsters, the multishot calculation is:[2]

  • +1 if the monster is a lord
  • +2 if the monster is a prince
  • +1 if the monster is a player monster
  • +1 if the missiles are non-cursed elven arrows
  • +1 if the missiles are any type of arrows and being launched from a non-cursed elven bow
  • If the launcher matches the missiles and is non-negatively enchanted, add 13 of the launcher's enchantment, rounded down.

At this point, the multishot counter is set to a random value between 1 and itself, inclusive.

  • Add the race and role bonuses for players, as above.
    • An orc is any monster represented by o for this purpose.
  • +1 if the monster is a Ninja throwing darts or shuriken or firing ya from a yumi

As with players, monsters fire between 1 and the multishot counter, and no more than the number of missiles in the stack.



SLASH'EM calculates multishot differently, giving additional bonuses for elven bows, elven arrows, and enchanted launchers. The SLASH'EM multishot calculation is:[3]

  • Base of 1
  • +1 if you are Skilled or higher at your weapon
  • +1 if you are Expert at your weapon
  • +1 for your racial bonus, if you are:
  • +1 for your role bonus, if you are:
  • 33% of +1 if you are firing with a non-cursed elven bow
  • 33% of +1 if you are firing non-cursed elven arrows
  • 13 of enchantment of launcher (bow, crossbow, sling), rounded to the nearest integer, thus:
    • +0 for +0 or +1 launcher
    • +1 for +2 to +4 launcher
    • +2 for +5 to +7 launcher
    • +3 for +8 to +10 launcher, etc.
  • reduced to 1 if you are confused, stunned, or the missile requires a launcher which you aren't wielding

Given that elven Rangers start out with a +2 elven bow and elven arrows, an elven ranger will shoot d6 arrows 19 of the time, d5 arrows 49 of the time, and d4 arrows 49 of the time, for an average of just below 3 arrows per turn, making them a potent choice in SLASH'EM's challenging early game. There is no multishot bonus for drow firing dark elven arrows from a dark elven bow.

Finally, firearms in SLASH'EM are a special case with a complex rate of fire calculation based on type of firearm and skill level of the user.


UnNetHack grants +1 to the multishot counter when firing arrows from the Longbow of Diana.


FIQHack grants +1 to the multishot counter when firing arrows from the Longbow of Diana.


Cavemen get +1 multishot with a sling, and can find slingable silver nuggets on their quest. Silver ammunition of any kind has reduced multishot potential.


Also grants +1 to the multishot counter when firing arrows from the Longbow of Diana.


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