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Some items in the dungeon are made of glass. Glass is a fragile material, so items made of glass will tend to break when they are struck by a force bolt or wand of striking, when they are thrown, when they are dropped while levitating, when they are dropped down stairs, and when they are kicked or when containers that contain glass items are kicked. Items in your inventory will not shatter from force bolts or wands of striking.

Artifacts that are made of glass will not shatter.[1][2] Gems (i.e. worthless pieces of glass) will also not shatter.

Items made of glass

Miscellaneous information

  • Hazardous potions and lit potions of oil make nifty grenades, causing the hit enemy to fall under the effects of that potion. A wielded potion will never be wasted on missing.
  • Throwing a potion of healing at a pet could be useful.
  • Nymphs often carry looking glasses, which are made of glass and confer a luck penalty when broken.
  • Sometimes it is mistakenly referred to as crystal.


  1. breaktest in dothrow.c This function gives all artifacts a 99% chance of resisting, then ensures that glass artifacts do not break.
  2. Source:Dokick.c#line364 for kicking mirrors in containers
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  4. Probably because it would make finding real gems too easy.

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