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( Mirror.png
Name mirror
Appearance looking glass
Base price 10 zm
Weight 13
Material glass
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A mirror, known as a looking glass when unidentified, is a type of tool with many uses. Probably the most common is to apply it to a monster to scare it; this only works if they can see it—they must have eyes and not be blind, and either the monster can see invisible or you and the monster are both visible. There is an 80% chance of the foe fleeing for 2d4 turns, if none of the special cases below occurs.[1] Humanoid foes and unicorns are not fooled by a mirror and won't be frightened. A cursed mirror only works half the time, the rest of the time it will "fog up" instead.

Other uses including applying it to monsters with gaze attacks, such as floating eyes, umber hulks and Medusa, in order to reflect them. However, it will not reflect the gaze of Archons, pyrolisks, or Baalzebub.

Nymphs are often generated with mirrors (50% chance). Breaking a mirror gives a −2 penalty to Luck; therefore, it is a bad idea to attack nymphs with spells of force bolt or wands of striking. Applying a mirror to a nymph will cause her to steal the mirror and teleport away, which can prevent her from stealing something more useful (or dangerous). Although a foocubus (a succubus in 3.4.3[2]) does not steal your items, applying a mirror to her will also cause her to steal it and teleport like a nymph.[3]

The Luck penalty for breaking a mirror can be used to intentionally lower your Luck to prevent getting crowned while praying.

Hitting a monster with the mirror will cause it to break and deal one point of damage; this damage also applies to shades[4] (though this is not particularly useful).


The <monster> is frightened by its reflection.
You applied the mirror at a monster and frightened it.
The <monster> ignores his/her/its reflection.
You applied the mirror at a monster that cannot be frightened by it, or you failed to frighten it.
<Monster> doesn't have a reflection.
You applied the mirror to a vampire or ghost
The <monster> admires <him/her>self in your mirror. <He/She> takes it!
You applied the mirror at a nymph or foocubus.
The <monster> is too tired to look at your mirror.
The monster is asleep.
You reflect the ceiling.
You applied the mirror up.
You reflect the floor.
You applied the mirror down.
You reflect the murky water.
You applied the mirror underwater while not hallucinating.
You give the fish a chance to fix their makeup.
You applied the mirror underwater while hallucinating.
You reflect <monster>'s <stomach/interior>.
You applied the mirror at a monster who is engulfing you.
The <monster> can't see anything right now.
The monster is blinded.


Applying a mirror at yourself will often produce yet another funny message, particularly if you are polymorphed. If more than one of the conditions apply, the message corresponding to the one that is highest on the list will be displayed.

You can't see your ugly face.
You have charisma of 14 or lower and are invisible (but can't see invisible) or are blind.
You can't see your handsome/beautiful face.
As above, but your charisma is 15 or higher.
Yikes! You've frozen yourself!
You are a floating eye without free action. (You become paralyzed.)
You don't have a reflection.
You are a vampire.
Huh? That doesn't look like you!
You are an umber hulk. (You become confused.)
You look <color>.
You are hallucinating. <color> is replaced with either ultraviolet, infrared, bluish-orange, reddish-green, dark white, light black, sky blue-pink, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, striped, spiral, swirly, plaid, checkered, argyle, paisley, blotchy, guernsey-spotted, polka-dotted, square, round, triangular, cabernet, sangria, fuchsia, wisteria, lemon-lime, strawberry-banana, peppermint, romantic, or incandescent.
You look peaked.
You are sick.
You look undernourished.
You are weak or worse from hunger.
You look as ugly as ever.
Your charisma is 14 or lower.
You look as handsome/beautiful as ever.
Your charisma is 15 or higher.


The Magic Mirror of Merlin is the only artifact mirror in the game. It cannot be broken like a normal mirror, as all artifacts are immune to breakage. It can, however, be stolen by a nymph or foocubus if applied at them, so doing so is a bad idea.


Encyclopedia entry

But as Snow White grew, she became more and more beautiful,
and by the time she was seven years old she was as beautiful
as the day and more beautiful than the queen herself. One
day when the queen said to her mirror:
       "Mirror, Mirror, here I stand.
       Who is the fairest in the land?" -
the mirror replied:
       "You, O Queen, are the fairest here,
       But Snow White is a thousand times more fair."

[ Snow White, by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm ]

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