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"In 3.6 there is much more information presented, like max attributes; in explore mode there's even more."

Base attributes can be viewed by pressing ctrl + x.

The window shows current and starting race, role, gender and alignment, and deities. Current deity is marked with (c) and starting deity with (s).

For example:

Base Attributes

name           : player
race           : gnome
role           : Archeologist
gender         : male
alignment      : neutral

race           : gnome
role           : Archeologist
gender         : male
alignment      : neutral

Chaotic        : Huhetotl
Neutral        : Camaxtli          (s,c)
Lawful         : Quetzalcoatl


In AceHack, the base attributes screen is extended with a lot more information:

Your Statistics

name      : player
race      : human        (originally human)
role      : Ranger
gender    : female       (originally female)
alignment : neutral      (originally neutral)
level     : 1 (exp: 0, 20 needed)
abilities : St:16 Dx:9 Co:13 In:14 Wi:13 Ch:8
naturally : St:16 Dx:9 Co:13 In:14 Wi:13 Ch:8
burden    : 201 (burdened at 776)
Chaotic   : Mars             
Neutral   : Venus             (s,c)
Lawful    : Mercury          
Other Information
i - Inventory
a - Intrinsic abilities
v - Vanquished creatures
c - Conducts followed
s - Score breakdown

In addition to the information in the screen in vanilla NetHack, it also shows ability scores, stats about the player's encumbrance situation, experience points required to level up, and is one method of gaining access to other information about the character as well (inventory, intrinsics, vanquished creatures, conducts, and a breakdown of the player's score).

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