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dNetHack is one of several variants with an object materials system. This means most (but not all) weapons and armor can come in varying different materials. Armor is also differentiated by size and body plan, requiring even more consideration for what a given player should seek out. Like other variants, the material of an item determines its weight (mithril equipment is very light, gold is heavy) and whether they deal bonus damage against certain creatures (iron weapons deal bonus damage against iron haters, silver weapons deal bonus damage against silver haters).

List of weight multipliers

Liquid 1.0
Wax 1.5
Veggy (straw) 1.0
Flesh 1.0
Paper 1.0
Cloth 1.0
Leather 1.5
Wood 3.0
Bone 2.5
Shell 2.5
Dragon hide 3.5
Iron 8.0
Metallic 7.0
Bronze 8.0
Silver 9.0
Gold 12.0
Platinum 12.0
Mithril 4.0
Plastic 2.0
Glass 6.0
Gemstone 5.5
Mineral 5.0
Obsidian 6.0
Salt 6.0
Shadow-steelv(edderkop bolts, droven armor) 3.0

Artifact materials

Artifacts are naturally generated with a specific material and size, which may be iron, silver, mithril, and more. Obtaining Excalibur by dipping in a fountain will always have its material be that of the dipped long sword, and other nameable artifacts work the same way.

Material effects

To be written.