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Not to be confused with notdnethack.

notnotdnethack is a variant of notdNetHack developed by Noisytoot, and is based on NetHack 3.4.3 like both notdNetHack and dNetHack are.

The entire repo can be viewed at

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New races


Octopodes are a race of sea monsters that can use their tentacles to walk on land, wear rings on each of the eight tentacles, and can also attack with them in melee to drown other monsters. They cannot wear most rigid armor, but can still make use of shields and barded helms along with "soft" armor and also gain level-based bonuses to natural AC and DR.

(Parasitized) Android Illithanachronounbinder

Androids can be played as Illithanachronounbinders, which makes them a playable version of the parasitized android. Unlike other androids, Android Illithanachronounbinders are considered living monsters due to the presence of the parasite; they also no longer start with cold resistance, stoning resistance or breathlessness, and instead start with see invisible, R'lyehian sight and flight as parasitized androids do. Android Illithanachronounbinders still begin with poison resistance and sickness resistance, and gain stealth at experience level 5, shock resistance at experience level 10 and fire resistance at experience level 15.

Race/role changes

  • Player clockwork automata have materials. Valid starting materials: bronze, iron, green-steel; but can apply Silver Flame boons to smelt self to silver, platinum, or mithril (can then apply reflection boon to self)
    • bronze: 2x boiler heat damage dice
    • iron: rusting, sear damage (+1d(defender's level))
    • green-steel: rusting, sear damage (+2d9 unholy)
    • silver: sear damage (+1d20)
    • platinum: sear damage (+1d5 to +1d20)
    • mithril: -3 AC and +3 DR
    • gold: sear damage (+1d20 holy if alignment record>3, +1d20 unholy if alignment record<-3, else nothing)
    • Rusting is resisted by waterproofing
    • Sear damage only applies on direct contact. Unlike Eden, there's no passive damage.

New items

New options

  • usersound_regex, menucolor_regex, querytype_regex
  • paranoid_wand_break
  • QUERYTYPE - similar to msgtype,but controls whether prompts are y/n or yes/no

Other changes

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