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The Anachrononaut (roughly, 'sailor against time') is a role added in dNetHack version 3.11.0. The Anachrononaut character comes from an apocalyptic future, and has been sent on a mission to prevent the end of the world, through means initially unknown to them. To aid them in this task, they have been equipped with a variety of future tech, and can obtain more from their quest home level. Humans, Incantifiers, Vampires, Elves, and Drow can be Anachrononauts. Each race receives a different set of starting equipment. Anachrononauts can neither pray nor sacrifice, but they can still buy protection or use altars to check BUC status. Their quest artifact is the The Annulus and they are the only role that can use lightsaber forms. All Anachrononauts are unable to eat corpses, and can only consume prepared food.

Starting Packages

Human Anachrononaut

The human Anachrononaut receives a full set of plasteel armor (helm, armor, gauntlets, and boots), as well as a cloak of magic resistance and a bodyglove, giving them a starting AC of -4 and protection from magical monsters and traps. Offensively, they are equipped with a force pike, an arm blaster, and a hand blaster. They also begin with 5 power packs and around 10 protein pills.

Incantifier Anachrononaut

The incantifier Anachrononaut begins play with a +1 elven toga, +1 robe, bodyglove, sedge hat, leather gloves, and high boots, for a total starting AC of 1. Offensively, they are equipped with a +3 lightsaber. They also begin play with the detect monsters, jumping, force bolt, and healing spells, as well as 5 power packs.

Vampire Anachrononaut

The vampire Anachrononaut begins play with studded leather armor, a bodyglove, a cloak of displacement, leather gloves, and high boots. Offensively, they are equipped with two submachine guns, a vibroblade and a cutting laser. They also begin play with five potions of blood, a tinning kit, five power packs, and a bullet fabber.

Drow Anachrononaut

Male and female drows have different starting items.

A male drow Anachrononaut begins play with a plasteel body armor and a flack helmet, as well as a bodyglove, pair of orihalcyon gauntlets, cloak of invisibility, and a pair of elven boots. Offensively, they are equipped with a +4 sniper rifle, as well as a vibroblade and a cutting laser. They also begin play with 10 protein pills, 5 power packs, a bullet fabber, and a random ring.

A female drow Anachrononaut begins play with a bodyglove, a droven cloak, a pair of gauntlets of dexterity and a pair of elven boots. Offensively, they are equipped with a +4 mass-shadow pistol and the spellbooks of force bolt and slow monster, furthermore, their souls are bound to the Black Web, which grants them some active powers ala Binders. They also begin play with 10 protein pills, 5 power packs and a random ring.

Drow Anachrononauts can make sneak attacks.

Elf Anachrononaut

The elf Anachrononaut begins play with a jumpsuit and jumping boots. Offensively, they are equipped with a raygun and sensor packs. They also begin play with three lembas wafers, a tinning kit, a tin opener, a hypospray and hypospray ampules, and ten power packs.

Dwarf Anachrononaut

The dwarf Anachrononaut begins play with high-elven plate, a bodyglove, high-elven gauntlets, elven boots and an amulet of nullify magic. Offensively, they are equipped with a heavy machine gun, a pistol and 15 sticks of dynamite. They also begin play with 10 protein pills, bullet fabber and a seismic hammer.

Future Tech

As a rule, future tech cannot be wished for, not even by Anachrononauts. Tourists, however, ARE able to wish for future tech, and may want to wish for a lightsaber. Some types of future tech will degrade if left in a bones pile, possibly even becoming nonfunctional.


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Worn in the shirt slot, a bodyglove protects against disease and provides MC3. It does not contribute to AC unless enchanted.


A jumpsuit provides reflection and uses the body armor slot.

Force pike

Force pikes are powerful melee weapons that can also be used like polearms. Force pikes are one-handed and use the lance skill (and can therefor also be used to joust, though they are just as likely to break as a normal lance). They are a powered weapon, consuming 1 charge per successful hit. A a hit from a charged force pike deals 2d6+6 damage to a small target, and 2d8+8 damage to a large target. An uncharged force pike deals 1d6 and 1d8 damage, respectively. A force pike can be recharged an unlimited number of times. Blessed charging sets the force pike's charge to 100, uncursed to 80-99, and cursed to 10.

Arm blaster

An arm blaster is a high-damage directed energy weapon. It is used by wielding it and then firing. Arm blasters do not use quivered ammunition, instead consuming charges. A heavy blaster bolt deals 3d10+10 damage to a small target, or 3d12+12 damage to a large one. Whether a heavy blaster bolt strikes a target or reaches its maximum range of 15 squares, it releases a 3x3 explosion of nuclear energy dealing a further 3d10 damage, for a potential total of 3d12+12+3d10 damage to the primary target and 3d10 damage to adjacent targets. An arm blaster can be set to single shot, burst fire, or full auto by applying it.

Unlike most ranged weapons, a heavy blaster bolt continues traveling if it misses its first target, so you must always keep in mind what you're using to backstop your shots. Additionally, a heavy blaster bolt has a 20% chance of blowing apart rock walls, potentially angering shopkeepers. Blasters are also quite noisy, waking sleeping monsters on the level. Arm blasters ("hard white bracers") are arm-mounted weapons, and incompatible with metal gauntlets, such as gauntlets of power and orihalcyon gauntlets. Blaster bolts reflect from targets with reflection. Blaster bolts are extremely inaccurate, and will almost always miss targets with low or negative AC.

An arm blaster can only be recharged 4 times, and there is only a single fresh arm blaster to be found on the Anachrononaut home level. There is also one fresh arm blaster on the quest locate level, and 3 scattered around the goal level. This means there are only 5 fresh arm blasters in a standard Anachrononaut game, not counting the one a human starts with. The Anachrononaut quest guardians also carry arm blasters, but theirs are mostly drained and already 4x recharged. Blessed charging sets the blaster's charge to 100, uncursed to 80-99, and cursed to 10 (essentially wasting one of the 4 recharges). Therefore, to get the most shots out of your arm blaster, you will need a source of blessed charging.

Due to neglect, arm blasters found in bones files will be 4x recharged and lose half their remaining shots.

Hand blaster

The hand blaster is a smaller, handheld version of the arm blaster. A blaster bolt from a hand blaster deals 3d6+6 damage to a small target, or 3d8+8 to a large target, in addition to a 3d6 damage explosion. Hand blasters can't be set to burst fire or automatic mode.

A hand blaster has only a 5% chance of blowing apart rock walls, and can be used in conjunction with any handwear.

Hand blasters can also be recharged only 4 times; however, there are several fresh hand blasters on the Anachrononaut home level, and 10% of the changed spawn wielding hand blasters. In addition, a couple hand blasters are spawned on the goal and lower filler levels of the Anachrononaut quest.

Mass-shadow pistol

A mass-shadow pistol is a charged firearm that fires duplicates of whatever ammo is loaded into it. When generated, it is loaded with a rock, but any rock, grey stone, or bullet can be used as ammo. To swap out ammo types, drop the pistol and #loot it. Mass-shadow pistols can be recharged an unlimited number of times.


A shotgun is a firearm that does 2d12+4+enchantment against small, and 2d6+4+enchantment against large enemies. However, it has a maximum range of only 3 squares, not counting the square you are standing on.


A SMG is a firearm with both single- and auto-fire modes, reaching a maximum of five projectiles at expert on auto.

Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher can fire both frag and gas grenades.

Assault rifle

An assault rifle is an upgrade to the SMG.

Heavy machine gun

A HMG is a firearm. It will only fire on full auto, but will surpass the SMGs multishot considerably (up to 9 vs 5 at expert firearms).

Sniper rifle

A sniper rifle is a single-shot, two-handed firearm with a high range that gets bonus to-hit over longer distances.

Ray gun

A ray gun is a beam-type firearm that uses charges and can be charged an unlimited amount of times. Settings are sleep (1 charge), heat (fire damage, 2 charges), kill (death ray, 10 charges) and disintegration (disintegration ray, 20 charges).

Power pack

A power pack recharges items in the same manner that a scroll of charging does (though using a power pack while confused does not result in the character recharging themselves). As the future tech of the Anachrononaut is explicitly magical in nature, power packs can be used to recharge normal items, and scrolls of charging can be used to recharge future tech. Power packs cannot be blanked as they are classified as tools.

Sensor pack

A sensor pack allows detecting certain symbols, like a crystal ball.

Protein pill

A protein pill is an extremely light, compact food ration. Like the food ration, it gives 800 points of nutrition. Unlike the food ration, it weighs only 1 unit, takes only 1 action to eat, and never rots.

Bullet fabber

A bullet fabber is a tool that can be applied to transform rocks into bullets. Silver rocks will produce silver bullets. Silver bullets can be transformed into rockets and back. Normal bullets can be made into shotgun shells and back. Possibly somewhat surprisingly, it does not need to be charged.


A hypospray can be used to inject ampules (like potions, but cannot be diluted as they are classified as tools. Blessing them produces a blessed potion effect, but they can't be used in alchemy.) which are also found in the Anachrononaut role quest. Offensive ampules like sleep or polymorph can only be used against adjacent monsters.


A vibroblade is a melee weapon using charges. It can be used to force locks without destroying a chest.

Cutting laser

A cutting laser uses charges, and can be used to dig through walls by firing it.

Seismic hammer

A seismic hammer is a weapon-tool using charges that's essentially a high-tech pickaxe. It is capable of digging a hole in the ground with only 1 turn, so it can be used to quickly escape.


The Anachrononaut role draws inspiration from a number of different fantasy and sci-fi franchises, including Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek, Underworld, and Dungeons and Dragons (most notably the classic D&D adventure Expedition to the Barrier Peaks). The Firearms module for SLASH'EM provided a lot of the foundational code for the future tech.

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