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Source: DnD Planescape, Shemeska's Planescape Storyhour

dnethack offers a new playable race, Incantifiers.


Incantifiers do not regain energy or HP normally. They regain energy and some HP by draining magic items, and must otherwise regain HP through spellcasting, potions, or other magical means.

  • Incantifiers may be of any role a human could be.
  • Incantifiers begin the game with intrinsic magic resistance. They can naturally identify enchantment levels on weapons and armor, and can tell when a wand is empty.
  • Incantifiers live on magic. They begin the game with over 18000 energy, and use their energy total in place of their nutrition total. They also gain much more energy per level than other races.
    • Incantifiers cannot eat regular food, including corpses and rations. Instead, they must drain items, including positively enchanted weapons (except stackable ones, to prevent players from enchanting in bulk and gaining lots of energy) and armor, wands with charges, spellbooks, rings, and scrolls to regain energy. Each drained enchantment point of weapon or armor is worth 500 nutrition, as is each scroll or draining of a book reading. Each wand charge is worth 100 nutrition.
      • on weapons and armor this has the same effect as casting drain life on an item. On spellbooks it increments the read counter, like studying the spell or polymorphing, turning them into blank paper when it reaches maximum. Scrolls are turned blank immediately, and wands are merely emptied.
    • Incantifiers can #untrap magic, polymorph, teleport, and level teleport traps (but not magic portals). Untrapping one of these traps grants 500 energy.
    • Incantifiers may die of overeating, the same as any other race, though they explode rather than choke. They will become satiated at about half their mana pool, but can continue "filling up" to the maximum safely - but not a single point further!
    • Incantifiers are not able to drain artifacts.
    • Rings of Slow Digestion have no effect on Incantifiers.
    • Incantifiers cannot gain nutrition by praying to their god.
    • Incantifiers can drink potions of blood, made with tinning kits, to gain intrinsics.
    • Incantifiers can eat rings and amulets for intrinsics just as a player polymorphed into a metallivore can. Any ring or amulet can be eaten, not just metal ones. You can get intrinsic conflict or aggravate monster though, so be careful. Regeneration and conflict will consume an extra point of nutrition (pw) per odd turn, just as for non-incantifiers.
    • Incantifiers can drain newt, aoa, and aoa droplet corpses/tins for nutrition (power). Eaten corpses will never make you explode, but instead will increase your max power.
  • All incantifiers, regardless of role, begin the game knowing Force bolt and Healing. Wizards will start knowing two additional spells (for a total of four), to replace the two they otherwise would have had.
  • All incantifiers have hungerless casting, though they still lose the normal spell cost of energy.
  • All incantifiers can reach expert in all forms of magic, no matter the role restrictions. However, metal still blocks casting the same as any other race.
  • All incantifiers, regardless of role, will benefit from wearing a cornuthaum like wizards.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Incantifier 18/** 18 18 18 18 18

Several centuries ago, there existed a faction, now almost entirely extinct, called nowadays 'The Incantifers', then simply as The Magicians or The Wanters. They believed that magic, specifically arcane magic, was the key to power, indeed the only power that mattered in the multiverse. Gain enough knowledge of magic and skill in it and you could do anything. Even challenge The Lady....

According to legend, at least two members of the Wanters tried just that. They died, horribly and spectacularly. Legend also says that one of them almost succeeded.

Then one day, they vanished. Cutters looked up one morning and the Tower Sorcerous, the faction headquarters of the Wanters was simply gone. Nearly all of their members vanished with it, though a scant few remain to wander the planes.

[ Shemeska's Story Hour, by Todd Stewart ]

"They all ate magic. They ate other people's magic. Spells, items, anything they could buy, steal, or otherwise get a hold of. This place is sealed off from everything. There's no way out and you've got an entire faction of magic eating wizard suddenly bottled up with each other and no food source... except each other."

[ Shemeska's Story Hour, by Todd Stewart ]