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[ Red robe.png[ Orange robe.png[ Blue robe.png[ Green robe.png
Appearance randomized
Slot body armor
AC 1
Special (none)
Base price 25 zm
Weight 40
Material leather

A robe is a type of body armor that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. It is made of leather, and has the randomized appearance of a "colored robe" when unidentified.

SLASH'EM robes are based more directly on their predecessors in NetHack Plus, an ancestor to SLASH'EM, rather than the robes that would later appear in vanilla NetHack. Also unlike the robe of NetHack, there are four different type of robes, with randomized appearances for each:


Monks start the game with a +1 robe, while Priests start the game with a +0 robe.[1][2]

Several monsters can generate with a robe:


While worn, a robe confers 1 base AC.


Body armor robes are lighter than leather armor and do not interfere with spellcasting or a Monk's melee abilities and AC bonuses, though it will negate the AC bonuses specific to doppelganger characters. They can be trivially distinguished via price identification due to their base cost of 25zm (where all other robes have a base cost of 50), and are much more common compared to other robes.

Encyclopedia entry

Robes are the only garments, apart from Shirts, ever to have sleeves. They have three uses:
1. As the official uniform of Priests, Priestesses, Monks, Nuns (see Nunnery), and Wizards. The OMT [ Official Management Term ] prescribed for the Robes of Priests and Nuns is that they _fall in severe folds_; of Priestesses that they _float_; and of Wizards that they _swirl_. You can thus see who you are dealing with.
2. For Kings. The OMT here is _falling in stately folds_.
3. As the garb of Desert Nomads. [...]

[ The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, by Diana Wynne Jones ]