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A weapon is an item used to attack opponents. Most weapons are wielded with w and used to hit enemies; to attack with a wielded weapon, simply try to move into a monster's space, or use Shift + F to attack in any direction. Launchers are wielded to shoot missiles, and some weapons are simply thrown.

The player can ready a second weapon for use; press x to exchange between your primary and secondary weapons. Some roles can wield both weapons at once using the #twoweapon command.

w- is the command to wield nothing and fight empty-handed. This is the default and ethical preference of Monks. It is also a preferred way to attack weapon-hazardous monsters such as acid blobs or rust monsters before you have a resistant weapon (e.g. a silver weapon or unicorn horn).

You cannot wield a weapon if you are handless or tiny.[1]

A weapon can be made erodeproof by wielding it as a primary weapon and reading a scroll of enchant weapon while confused. Erosion can be repaired by using a scroll to make the weapon erodeproof, or in some cases by dipping the weapon in a potion of oil. There is little reason to erodeproof wooden weapons, because weapons can only be made to burn in very unusual circumstances.

Table of weapons and their properties

Weapon Skill Cost Weight Prob (‰) Damage (S/L) Material Appearance Tile Glyph
orcish dagger dagger 4 zm 10 12 d3 d3 iron crude dagger Orcish dagger.png )
dagger dagger 4 zm 10 30 d4 d3 iron Dagger.png )
silver dagger dagger 40 zm 12 3 d4 d3 silver Silver dagger.png )
athame dagger 4 zm 10 N/A d4 d3 iron Athame.png )
elven dagger dagger 4 zm 10 10 d5 d3 wood runed dagger Elven dagger.png )
worm tooth knife 2 zm 20 N/A d2 d2 undefined Worm tooth.png )
knife (shito) knife 4 zm 5 20 d3 d2 iron Knife.png )
stiletto knife 4 zm 5 5 d3 d2 iron Stiletto.png )
scalpel knife 4 zm 5 N/A d3 d3 metal Scalpel.png )
crysknife knife 100 zm 20 N/A d10 d10 mineral Crysknife.png )
axe axe 8 zm 60 40 d6 d4 iron Axe.png )
battle-axe axe 40 zm 120 10 d8+d4 d6+2d4 iron double-headed axe Battle-axe.png )
pick-axe pick-axe 50 zm 100 tool d6 d3 iron Pick-axe.png (
dwarvish mattock pick-axe 50 zm 120 13 d12 d8+2d6 iron broad pick Dwarvish mattock.png )
orcish short sword short sword 10 zm 30 3 d5 d8 iron crude short sword Orcish short sword.png )
short sword (wakizashi) short sword 10 zm 30 8 d6 d8 iron Short sword.png )
dwarvish short sword short sword 10 zm 30 2 d7 d8 iron broad short sword Dwarvish short sword.png )
elven short sword short sword 10 zm 30 2 d8 d8 wood runed short sword Elven short sword.png )
broadsword (ninja-to) broadsword 10 zm 70 8 2d4 d6+1 iron Broadsword.png )
runesword broadsword 300 zm 40 N/A 2d4 d6+1 iron runed broadsword Runesword.png )
elven broadsword broadsword 10 zm 70 4 d6+d4 d6+1 wood runed broadsword Elven broadsword.png )
long sword long sword 15 zm 40 50 d8 d12 iron Long sword.png )
katana long sword 80 zm 40 4 d10 d12 iron samurai sword Katana.png )
two-handed sword two-handed sword 50 zm 150 22 d12 3d6 iron Two-handed sword.png )
tsurugi two-handed sword 500 zm 60 N/A d16 d8+2d6 metal long samurai sword Tsurugi.png )
scimitar scimitar 15 zm 40 15 d8 d8 iron curved sword Scimitar.png )
silver saber saber 75 zm 40 6 d8 d8 silver Silver saber.png )
club club 3 zm 30 12 d6 d3 wood Club.png )
aklys club 4 zm 15 8 d6 d3 iron thonged club Aklys.png )
mace mace 5 zm 30 40 d6+1 d6 iron Mace.png )
morning star morning star 10 zm 120 12 2d4 d6+1 iron Morning star.png )
flail (nunchaku) flail 4 zm 15 40 d6+1 2d4 iron Flail.png )
grappling hook flail 50 zm 30 tool d2 d6 iron iron hook Grappling hook.png (
war hammer hammer 5 zm 50 15 d4+1 d4 iron War hammer.png )
quarterstaff quarterstaff 5 zm 40 11 d6 d6 wood staff Quarterstaff.png )
partisan polearms 10 zm 80 5 d6 d6+1 iron vulgar polearm Partisan.png )
fauchard polearms 5 zm 60 6 d6 d8 iron pole sickle Fauchard.png )
glaive (naginata) polearms 6 zm 75 8 d6 d10 iron single-edged polearm Glaive.png )
bec-de-corbin polearms 8 zm 100 4 d8 d6 iron beaked polearm Bec de corbin.png )
spetum polearms 5 zm 50 5 d6+1 2d6 iron forked polearm Spetum.png )
lucern hammer polearms 7 zm 150 5 2d4 d6 iron pronged polearm Lucern hammer.png )
guisarme polearms 5 zm 80 6 2d4 d8 iron pruning hook Guisarme.png )
ranseur polearms 6 zm 50 5 2d4 2d4 iron hilted polearm Ranseur.png )
voulge polearms 5 zm 125 4 2d4 2d4 iron pole cleaver Voulge.png )
bill-guisarme polearms 7 zm 120 4 2d4 d10 iron hooked polearm Bill-guisarme.png )
bardiche polearms 7 zm 120 4 2d4 3d4 iron long poleaxe Bardiche.png )
halberd polearms 10 zm 150 8 d10 2d6 iron angled poleaxe Halberd.png )
orcish spear spear 3 zm 30 13 d5 d8 iron crude spear Orcish spear.png )
spear spear 3 zm 30 50 d6 d8 iron Spear.png )
silver spear spear 40 zm 36 2 d6 d8 silver Silver spear.png )
elven spear spear 3 zm 30 10 d7 d8 wood runed spear Elven spear.png )
dwarvish spear spear 3 zm 35 12 d8 d8 iron stout spear Dwarvish spear.png )
javelin spear 3 zm 20 10 d6 d6 iron throwing spear Javelin.png )
trident trident 5 zm 25 8 d6+1 3d4 iron Trident.png )
lance (1) lance 10 zm 180 4 d6 d8 iron Lance.png )
orcish bow bow 60 zm 30 12 d2 d2 wood crude bow Orcish bow.png )
orcish arrow bow 2 zm 1 20 d5 d6 iron crude arrow Orcish arrow.png )
bow bow 60 zm 30 24 d2 d2 wood Bow.png )
arrow bow 2 zm 1 55 d6 d6 iron Arrow.png )
elven bow bow 60 zm 30 12 d2 d2 wood runed bow Elven bow.png )
elven arrow bow 2 zm 1 20 d7 d6 wood runed arrow Elven arrow.png )
yumi bow 60 zm 30 0 d2 d2 wood long bow Yumi.png )
ya bow 4 zm 1 15 d7 d7 metal bamboo arrow Bamboo arrow.png )
silver arrow bow 5 zm 1 12 d6 d6 silver Silver arrow.png )
sling sling 20 zm 3 40 d2 d2 leather Sling.png )
flint stone sling 1 zm 10 gem d6 d6 mineral gray stone Gray stone.png *
crossbow crossbow 40 zm 50 45 d2 d2 wood Crossbow.png )
crossbow bolt crossbow 2 zm 1 55 d4+1 d6+1 iron Crossbow bolt.png )
dart dart 2 zm 1 60 d3 d2 iron Dart.png )
shuriken shuriken 5 zm 1 35 d8 d6 iron throwing star Shuriken.png )
boomerang boomerang 20 zm 5 15 d9 d9 wood Boomerang.png )
bullwhip whip 4 zm 20 2 d2 1 leather Bullwhip.png )
rubber hose whip 3 zm 20 N/A d4 d3 plastic Rubber hose.png )
unicorn horn unicorn horn 100 zm 20 tool d12 d12 bone Unicorn horn.png (

(‰) Relative probability.[2] Figures are given as probability in a thousand, or permille.

() Objects are significantly more common in play than their probability would otherwise imply due to monster starting inventory or certain traps.

(1) When the user is riding, the lance gets an additional 2d10 in case of a successful joust. The victim is also automatically stunned and thrown back a square.


Monsters by size

The majority of monsters in the game are classified as small on the table. However, many of the harder monsters in the game are classified as large. In the early game, large monsters tend to be incredibly dangerous. In the later game, many of the most difficult monsters are "medium" size, which take damage as per small in the table.

Medium monsters include the four Riders, the majority of monsters on the Astral Plane, the Wizard of Yendor, and the high priest of Moloch. However, the demon princes in Gehennom may pose a serious threat to the player, and are all classed as large, with the exception of the dangerous but rarely-seen Dispater.

Encyclopedia entry

A weapon is a device for making your enemy change his mind.

[ The Vor Game, by Lois McMaster Bujold ]

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