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) Bill-guisarme.png
Name bill-guisarme
Appearance hooked polearm
Damage vs. small 2d4
Damage vs. large d10
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill polearm
Size two-handed
Base price 7 zm
Weight 120
Material iron

A bill-guisarme is a type of weapon that appears in NetHack. It is a two-handed polearm that is made of iron, and appears as a hooked polearm when unidentified.


In addition to random generation, general shops and antique weapons outlets can sell bill-guisarmes.

Watchmen and soldiers may be generated with a bill-guisarme.[1]


The bill-guisarme is tied for the third-heaviest polearm with the bardiche, and among polearms it has relatively high damage against small monsters and decent average damage against large monsters. While this makes it a good polearm option, the ranseur also offers comparable damage for nearly 25 of the bill-guisarme's weight.


The bill-guisarme is introduced with all other polearms in NetHack 1.3d.



A bill is a class of agricultural implement used for trimming tree limbs that was often repurposed for use as an infantry polearm in medieval Europe - this was done through the addition of various projecting blades, with the bill-guisarme being one such variant. As a weapon, the bill is similar in size, function and appearance to the halberd, and may represent convergent evolution in polearm weapon design due to its thrusting point, hook and spike/axe. The English distinguished among several varieties of bill, including the black, brown and forest bills, but the differences between them are currently not fully understood; some bill-guisarmes are also known simply as guisarmes.



In dNetHack and notdNetHack, the bill-guisarme has its weight reduced to 80 aum, the same as the guisarme.

NetHack Fourk

NetHack Fourk removes the bill-guisarme and many other polearms.


xNetHack removes the bill-guisarme and many other polearms.


In EvilHack, a bill-guisarme can be created at a forge by combining a guisarme and a spear. This also applies to Hack'EM.

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