Orcish dagger

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) Orcish dagger.png
Name orcish dagger
Appearance crude dagger
Damage vs. small 1d3
Damage vs. large 1d3
To-hit bonus +2
Weapon skill dagger
Size one-handed
Base price 4 zm
Weight 10
Material iron

An orcish dagger is a type of weapon that appears in NetHack. It uses the dagger skill, and like a dagger it can be used in melee and thrown as a projectile. It is made of iron, and appears as a crude dagger when unidentified.

Grimtooth is an artifact orcish dagger.


Player orcs start the game with knowledge of the orcish dagger.[1] Orcish Rangers start each game with a +1 orcish dagger as their secondary weapon, while orcish Rogues start each game with a stack of +0 orcish daggers as their secondary weapon.[2][3][4]

Orcish daggers constitute 1.2% of random weapon generation in the dungeon. In addition to random generation, weapon shops and general stores can stock orcish daggers.

Orcs have a 12 chance of being generated with an orcish dagger, with the exception of the orc shaman.[5]

Player monsters, including those on the Astral Plane, have a chance slightly lower than 1% of generating with an orcish dagger as their initial weapon before role-based replacements.[6] Player monster rogues have a 14 chance of their initial weapon being made into an orcish dagger.[7]


Orcish daggers are usually the first type of dagger seen in the dungeon - at d3 versus all monsters, they are the weakest dagger in terms of damage and one of the weakest weapons overall. An orcish dagger is still suitable as a weapon for roles such as Healers and Wizards that seek to train the dagger skill in the early game. Orcish Rogues are the most likely to get use out of orcish daggers, even if only until they can assemble a stack of better daggers.


The orcish dagger first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.



In SLASH'EM, upgrading an orcish dagger will produce a standard dagger.

Kobolds in SLASH'EM have an effective 38 chance of generating with an orcish dagger.[8]


In dNetHack, orcish daggers deal d3 damage to small monsters and d5 to large monsters, and have a +1 to-hit bonus. Orcish characters in roles that would start with daggers, knives or athames will instead start with orcish daggers replacing each of them.

Grimtooth can be created by naming any orcish dagger, and favors orcs. It has +d5 to-hit, warns of elves, dwarves and humans while carried, and deals double damage against them; it can also be twoweaponed in the offhand.


In EvilHack, an orcish dagger can be created at a forge by combining 2 orcish arrows and a knife. Orcish daggers can be used at a forge to create a few items:


In Hack'EM, upgrading a great dagger will produce an orcish dagger. Forging recipes are the same as in EvilHack.


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