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The orc shaman, o, is a low level spell-casting monster in NetHack. It is normally seen only casting psi bolt and healing.


The orc shaman is not created with a weapon like other orcs,[1] but half the time it will have an orcish helm.[2]

In addition to normal generation, orcish shamans may also appear in throne rooms, and two to six shamans will be generated near the desecrated temple in the Orcish Town variant of Minetown.


Similar to other low-level casters such as kobold shamans and gnomish wizards, orc shamans' spells frequently fail due to their low speed and low level; therefore, they are not a significant threat. Be careful not to get stunned while dealing with groups of monsters, however.

Like other orcs, the corpse of an orc shaman is a good source of nutrition, and make for worthwhile sacrifices in Orcish Town, especially as an orcish character.


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