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In NetHack, certain monsters have a tendency to appear in groups. Due to this, they are more common than their monster frequency would imply.

A "large" group consists of 2-11 monsters and a "small" group of 1-4.[1] If more than one monster is generated, the number of additional monsters is divided by 4 for players of level 1 or 2, and halved for players of level 3 or 4, but is always at least one.[2] Extra monsters are never peaceful.[3] If a monster created as part of a group would be peaceful, it's skipped; this can effectively reduce the group size for some monsters.

A common strategy for killing monster groups in NetHack is to lure them into a corridor or doorway, so only one member of the group can attack the player at a time, preventing the group from overwhelming the player.

Monsters that appear in small groups

These monsters have a 12 chance of appearing in groups of 2-4:

Monsters that appear in large groups

With a 2 in 3 chance, they're generated in groups of 2-11; otherwise, a group size of 2-4 is used. The average group size is thus 513.


SLASH'EM adds "very large" groups of size 2-21.[4]

SLASH'EM monsters that appear in small groups

SLASH'EM monsters that appear in large groups

SLASH'EM monsters that appear in very large groups


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