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The stone giant, H, is a giant in NetHack with the lowest difficulty level of its kind. Despite this, it has a base AC of 0, the lowest among giants and second lowest among H after the titan.

As with all giants, they can pick up and throw boulders, and eating their corpse has a 50% chance increase your strength.


Like other giants, stone giants can appear in groups, and may be generated with a small assortment of gems, along with a chance of receiving a boulder. They may also be generated in throne rooms, becoming eligible as early as dungeon level 13.


Main article: Giant#Strategy

Though usually considered the weakest of the giants, the stone giant's low natural AC can make them troublesome to dispatch, especially if they have attack wands on hand. However, they completely lack monster magic resistance and are also the slowest among giants, which makes them easier to handle, especially with wands and spells.

Encyclopedia entry

Giants have always walked the earth, though they are rare in
these times. They range in size from little over nine feet
to a towering twenty feet or more. The larger ones use huge
boulders as weapons, hurling them over large distances. All
types of giants share a love for men - roasted, boiled, or
fried. Their table manners are legendary.