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"This page describes the generation of miscellaneous items, but not how monsters use them."

When a monster is generated, there is a chance that it will be given a miscellaneous item to vex and confound adventurers. This will happen if the monster's level equals or exceeds the roll of a d100.[1]

The following monster types are ineligible for miscellaneous items:

Each monster will receive at most one miscellaneous item. If the monster's difficulty is 5 or less, there is a 1/30 chance that its miscellaneous item will be a wand of polymorph (1/6) or else a potion of polymorph (5/6).

Next, if the monster is living (undead monsters, golems, and vortices among others are nonliving), there is a 1/40 chance that it will be given an amulet of life saving.

If neither of these possibilities is selected, the monster has an equal chance of taking one of the following three options:


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