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Any monster capable of wielding weapons has a chance of being generated with a random offensive item, which might be an offensive wand, potion or scroll. An eligible monster will be given an offensive item if its level equals or exceeds the roll of a d75.[1]

The following monster types are specifically ineligible for offensive items, even though they can wield weapons:

If the monster's difficulty is 8 or more, there is a 1/35 chance that the item will be a wand of death. Otherwise, the monster selects and rolls a die according to its difficulty:

Difficulty Roll
3 or less d8
4–6 d9
7 or more d13

The result of this die roll is given by the following table:

Roll Outcome
1 Scroll of earth*
2 Wand of striking
3 Potion of acid
4 Potion of confusion
5 Potion of blindness
6 Potion of sleeping
7 Potion of paralysis
8–9 Wand of magic missile
10 Wand of sleep
11 Wand of fire
12 Wand of cold
13 Wand of lightning

*If the monster would receive a scroll of earth, but is not wearing a metal helmet, a wand of striking will be given instead.[2]

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  2. A monster can also be protected from boulders by certain body types, but no weapon-wielding monster has any of these body types.

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