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SLASH'EM introduces several new bats. All are (mostly) only generated in Gehennom.


Two rhumbats are generated in hidden rooms in the Kobold level.


Encyclopedia entry

In 1927, zoologist Ernst Bartels was in his home near the
Tjidjenkol River in Java when he heard a strange cry louder than
the other night sounds, a cry like "a-hool."
Bartels heard the sound twice more before the origin of the cries
moved off into the night. Bartels soon remembered a local legend
of the ahool or athol, a type of huge bat reputed to live in
the area.

Locals described the bat as the size of a small child, with
an 11-12 foot wingspan. The athol was supposedly covered in
grayish fur and had a face similar to that of a monkey or a man.
At times, it was seen sitting on the forest floor, with its wings
folded beside it; it was also reputed to have feet which pointed
backwards. During the day (like all bats, it was nocturnal), the
athol's refuge was supposedly a cave somewhere near a waterfall,
although at night it would fly over the river's surface in
search of fish.

[ "A Belfry of Crypto-bats." by Shuker, Dr. Karl P.N.
Fortean Studies 1, pp. 235-245. ]




A mobat can shriek in the same manner as a shrieker. However, the chance of summoning a purple worm has been removed. It is otherwise an annoying but minor threat by the time you encounter it.

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