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A vrock, &, is a type of monster that appears in NetHack. The vrock is a major demon that has infravision and can be seen via infravision, and can follow the player character to other levels if it is adjacent.

A vrock has four claw attacks and a bite attack, and possesses fire resistance and poison resistance like other demons.

Vrocks are poisonous to consume, which primarily comes up if they are digested by another mnster.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Per commit 4b525374, vrocks can now emit a plume of poison clouds when fleeing, similar to the scroll of stinking cloud.


Vrocks are randomly generated only in Gehennom, and may be created in small groups of 2-4 12 of the time; they may also be among the demons generated when a graveyard is created. The vrock is also a valid polymorph form, and so may appear in other branches of the dungeon due to polymorph traps.

Vrocks are eligible for gating by other major demons, and may appear as minions of a chaotic god or Moloch.


Vrocks have a decent AC of 0, move at the same speed as an un-hasted, unburdened hero and possess five attacks per turn. Despite their relative weakness compared to other demons, these make vrocks potentially deadly to a player facing them early due to polymorph traps: they are notorious for gating in even more vrocks, potentially filling the area and cornering you. Though a decently enchanted weapon and solid AC can be enough, the quicker you can eliminate an unexpected vrock, the better; they are much easier to deal with in Gehennom, by which point you will have much more AC and a highly enchanted blessed and/or silver weapon.


The vrock first appears with many other demons in NetHack 3.0.0.


Vrocks (pronounced: /vrɑːkz/, vrahkz) originate from Dungeons & Dragons, where they were also known as "type I demons"; they are described as bestial and appear as crosses between humanoids and vultures, as indicated by their tile and encyclopedia entry. Vrocks are brutish demons that enjoy fighting, and are capricious and selfish even by the standards of other demons – nonetheless, small flocks are more than capable of coordination and group tactics.[1]

Vrocks can emit bloodcurdling screeches loud enough to cause nearby victims physical pain and daze them; this is employed as a means of securing escape rather than an offensive tool. Vrocks can also release clouds of tiny poisonous spores from their wings that grew into thick vine-like structures after burrowing under the skin of those nearby.



In SLASH'EM, tame vrocks can turn traitor like many other demons.

A vrock is generated in The Temple of Moloch at level creation.


In dNetHack and notdNetHack, vrocks are significantly buffed: their base experience is increased, and while they have three attacks instead of five, the attacks themselves are stronger and include a weapon attack, a claw attack, and a bite attack.

Vrocks are described as more animal-like to reflect their vulture-like features; they are strong and capable of using polearms in melee, and all 10 points of AC are in the "natural" category. They can also emit a stun-inducing shriek while retreating.

Vrock are more widespread throughout Gehennom and other levels:

  • A vrock generates in The Temple of Moloch's main area at level creation, as in SLASH'EM.
  • A vrock is generated on the Mordor Fortress floor of the Mordor Ruins Chaos Quest.
  • Many vrocks are generated on the third variant map of Brine Flats's third floor within Gehennom.
  • The vaults of Lolth have four vrocks within the "upstairs" portal room.

Reading the Necronomicon has a 215 chance of summoning a vrock.

Shalosh tannah have a 19 chance of producing strange larvae each turn that can quickly grow into vrocks equipped with organic weapons and armor.

Monster stats by variant

Encyclopaedia entry

The vrock is one of the weaker forms of demon. It resembles a cross between a human being and a vulture and does physical damage by biting and by using the claws on both its arms and feet.