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The vrock, &, is a demon in NetHack. They possess five attacks per move, which can be deadly to an unprepared player; however they only appear in Gehennom unless summoned by another demon or as a polymorph trap result, so most players will be ready to deal with them by the time they appear.

In dNethack, they can be summoned by attempting to convert a unaligned (aligned to Moloch) altar, such as the ones in the balrog version of Mine's End.

They are notorious for being able to summon more vrocks due to its large amount of hit dice, creating rooms full of monsters in mere turns.

Encyclopaedia entry

The vrock is one of the weaker forms of demon. It resembles
a cross between a human being and a vulture and does physical
damage by biting and by using the claws on both its arms and

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