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A follower is a monster that follows you from one dungeon level to another, if it happens to be next to you when you change levels. Elbereth will prevent this if the monster respects it.

Monsters which follow you across staircases, level teleports, trapdoors etc. are:

Note that except for shopkeepers, peaceful monsters will still follow you without any apparent motive. Sessile pets will also follow, despite being unable to move otherwise.

Monsters with the Amulet of Yendor won't follow across even if they would otherwise, and fleeing monsters will not follow, unless you're carrying the Amulet. (Monsters you scared with Elbereth will flee for a while.) Pets, angry shopkeepers, and the Wizard will follow even if they are fleeing.

Not all covetous monsters are followers. In particular, liches won't follow you down stairs.

See levl_follower in mondata.c.

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