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A traitor is a monster attribute introduced in SLASH'EM that also appears in SlashTHEM and dNetHack, and is used to denote a pet capable of turning against you.


The M3_TRAITOR monster flag denotes monsters that have a chance of spontaneously rebelling against the player when tame and becoming hostile; dNetHack uses MT_TRAITOR for the same purpose. Monsters that have turned on you will additionally have the text "traitor" added when examined with a stethoscope or wand of probing.

The check for betrayal occurs whenever you abuse the pet, as well as with a 1 in 850 chance on every move.[1] The betrayal check will always fail if the pet is a spell being, is further than 3 squares away, is mindless, or if you have more hit points than the pet. If those checks pass, then there is a (21-tameness)(abuse+1)/66(abuse+2) chance that the pet will turn traitor.[2] Thus, increasing the pet's tameness and not abusing them will decrease the chance of rebellion, but the only "certain" way to eliminate chance of it occurring is to raise your HP.


<foo> turns on you!
A tame monster with the "traitor" flag has spontaneously become hostile.
You feel uneasy about <foo>.
As above, but you were unable to see the former pet at that time.