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The lemure, i, is a minor demon in NetHack which normally appears only in Gehennom. It is often thought of as a more powerful manes, but it is just as slow and has fewer attacks so this is a matter of debate.

A special room, the Lemure pit, is a room full of lemures but does not appear in Vanilla.

Encyclopedia entry

The Larvae (Lemures) are Roman spirits of deceased family
members. These malignant spirits dwell throughout the house
and frighten the inhabitants. People tried to reconcile or
avert the Larvae with strange ceremonies which took place on
May 9, 11, and 13; this was called the "Feast of the Lemures".
The master of the house usually performed these ceremonies,
either by offering black beans to the spirits or chasing them
away by making a lot of noise. Their counterparts are the
Lares, friendly and beneficent house spirits.

[ Encyclopedia Mythica, ed. M.F. Lindemans ]
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