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A lemure pit is a special room that appears in SLASH'EM, SpliceHack, SlashTHEM, and UnNetHack.


Lemure pits are naturally populated almost entirely by hostile lemures, with a 110 chance of a horned devil accompanying them.

A lemure pit has a 112 chance of appearing randomly, and is only generated in Gehennom - this means that they will never appear in practice unless they are specified to generate on particular maps within the branch. As a result, none will be seen in SLASH'EM.


In UnNetHack, six lemure pits appear in Asmodeus' Lair, which is adapted from the same map in SLethe.


In SpliceHack, six lemure pits appear in Asmodeus' Lair, as in UnNetHack.


You enter a pit of screaming lemures!
You entered a lemure pit.
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