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Some monsters are considered amorphous, meaning they have no fixed shape or form. Such monsters are identified by the macro amorphous(ptr), which checks for the flag M1_AMORPHOUS.[1]


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Amorphous monster cannot be caught in bear traps[2][3] or webs.[4][5]. They are also not harmed by rocks or boulders from a scroll of earth[6][7], nor by the beheading effect of a Vorpal Blade.[8][9]. If amorphous, you can not be effectively punished,[10] and polyselfing into an amorphous monster undoes any punishment.[11]

Amorphous monsters may "ooze" (or, in the case of yellow lights and fog clouds, "flow"[12]) under a door, if not carrying too much.[13]

Amorphous monster may be created on the Plane of Air.[14]

List of amorphous monsters

The following monsters are amorphous:


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