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The brown pudding, P, is an amoeboid monster in NetHack.

Like its more powerful cousin, the black pudding, it will divide when hit by an iron weapon. Eating brown puddings is vegetarian, but not vegan.


The brown pudding's attacks do no damage, and its AC is rather high; its only danger lies in rotting your armor. This can be easily avoided by any combination of wearing metal armor, covering your body armor with a throwaway cloak, or simply removing any organic armor.


If you have a pudding pet, you can hit it with iron items to cause the pet to split, yielding more pets for polymorphing; see abuse for the ramifications of attacking and splitting your pet. As the name is cloned, you might want to rename one. Alternately, consider splitting them first, then using a scroll of taming or a spell of charm monster if either is available. For pet splitting, a Puddingbane is recommended to avoid incurring alignment and luck penalties.


Beginning in NetHack 3.6.0, brown puddings leave globs instead of corpses when they are killed. Globs cannot be sacrificed, revived or tinned, making pudding farming a less useful tactic than in previous versions of NetHack. Globs also could not give resistances when eaten; this is fixed as of 3.6.1.

Encyclopedia entry

" It's all very fine," said the Puddin' gloomily, " singing about
the joys of being penguins and pirates, but how'd you like to be a
Puddin' and be eaten all day long? "
   And in a very gruff voice he sang as follows :--
      " O, who would be a puddin',
          A puddin' in a pot,
        A puddin' which is stood on
          A fire which is hot ?
        O sad indeed the lot
        Of puddin's in a pot.
      " But as I am a puddin',
          A puddin' in a pot,
        I hope you get the stomachache
          For eatin' me a lot.
        I hope you get it hot,
          You puddin'-eatin' lot ! "
   " Very well sung, Albert," said Bill encouragingly, " though you're
a trifle husky in your undertones, which is no doubt due to the gravy
in your innards. However, as a reward for bein' a bright little
feller we shall have a slice of you all round before turnin' in for
the night."

[ The Magic Pudding: The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum. Norman Lindsay ]