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A yellow light attacks the hero by exploding when adjacent (destroying itself in the process), causing blindness but no other damage. The blindness will last for 10d20 turns.

As yellow lights can't see invisible, if you are invisible or displaced they may explode at an empty square with no blinding effect.

The explosion of a yellow light will wake nearby sleeping monsters.

It is possible to generate yellow lights by reading a scroll of light while confused. This has a 20% chance of happening.


The best course of action is to put on a blindfold or towel and wait for it to explode, or to have a blindness cure ready. If it is invisible and you do not see invisible, there is a chance based on your level that it will not affect you. This will generate the message "Something explodes, but you get the feeling it wasn't too bright".


The yellow light explodes!
A yellow light explodes.
You are blinded by a flash of light!
You have been blinded.

Encyclopedia entry

Strange creatures formed from energy rather than matter,
lights are given to self-destructive behavior when battling

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