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The fire giant, H, is a giant in NetHack. They are fire resistant, and their corpses have a 30% chance of conveying fire resistance, independent of the 50% chance to increase strength shared with all giants. As with all giants, they can pick up and throw boulders.

Lord Surtur, the Valkyrie quest nemesis, is a unique fire giant.


Like other giants, fire giants can appear in groups and may be generated with a small assortment of gems, along with the standard 50% chance of receiving a boulder. They may also be generated in throne rooms, becoming eligible as early as dungeon level 13, and are eligible for the summon nasties monster spell.

Many guaranteed fire giants are generated during the Valkyrie quest, and they are the second quest-specific monster for the branch, making up 14% of all generated monsters there.


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Valkyries should take care against the fire giants on their quest, and may want to consider obtaining reflection beforehand; fire giants themselves are not particularly dangerous, but the attack wands they can carry may include a wand of fire that might turn the ice below the player into a watery abyss—and possibly their grave. Fire giants can also provide a valuable and plentiful source of fire resistance to handle the rest of the hazards on the quest, primarily the lava and fire ants; the wands they drop can easily be turned against them, especially a wand of cold.

It may be worthwhile to camp in the home level's central building and farm the corpses for additional strength, especially if the player can get a tinning kit.

Encyclopedia entry

Giants have always walked the earth, though they are rare in
these times. They range in size from little over nine feet
to a towering twenty feet or more. The larger ones use huge
boulders as weapons, hurling them over large distances. All
types of giants share a love for men - roasted, boiled, or
fried. Their table manners are legendary.

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