Berserk (EvilHack)

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In EvilHack and Hack'EM, certain monsters can enter a berserk state. This property is governed by the M3_BERSERK flag, which is connected to the is_berserker pointer.


When a monster with the M3_BERSERK flag is at 13 of their maximum HP or lower, and they are not currently going berserk, they have a 115 chance of going berserk with each move. A berserk monster has a 13 chance of dealing increased damage for that round of attacks, but may hit any and adjacent monsters besides the one they target. A monster in a berserk state will continually pursue monsters that it is hostile towards, regardless of previous behavior: if the monster was scared prior to going berserk, it will become unscared, and it cannot be scared by magical means. A monster will exit its berserk state when its HP is restored to half of its current maximum or more.

List of monsters

The following monsters in each variant can go berserk - lists will vary between variants.