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A flind, h, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack as part of the humanoid monster class. The flind, G, also appears in Hack'EM as part of the gnome monster class. A flind is a type of gnoll that is strong and favors heavy weapons - like other gnolls, they have infravision, can be seen via infravision, will seek out and pick up items such as weapons, armor and gold, and are capable of entering berserker rages.

A flind has two weapon attacks and a bite attack, and possesses poison resistance.


Randomly generated flinds are always created hostile. In EvilHack, a gnoll hunter can grow up into a flind.

A flind has a 34 chance of being generated with armor and an independent 15 chance of a cloak; like other non-cleric gnolls they also have 34 chance of generating with either a flail (23 chance) or a spear (13 chance), and will otherwise generate with a voulge (13 chance) or a morning star (23 chance). Flinds also have a 34 chance of generating with a pair of high boots, an independent 14 chance of a helmet, and a two-handed weapon: a 13 chance of a two-handed sword, and a battle-axe otherwise.


The gnoll is a creature that appears in various types of fantasy media, and is generally portrayed as a human-hyena hybrid or a form of humanoid hyena. The term originates from 1912 short story collection The Book of Wonder by Lord Dunsany, with one short story titled "How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art upon the Gnoles".

The gnoll of Dungeons & Dragons is introduced in the first boxed set of the game, and gnolls are described in Book 2: Monsters and Treasure as a "cross between Gnomes and Trolls (...perhaps, Lord Sunsany did not really make it all that clear)". These early gnolls were stated to be similar to hobgoblins with +2 morale, while a gnoll king and his bodyguard fought similar to trolls without regenerative power. The 1st Edition Monster Manual for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and all subsequent material describe gnolls as aggressive desert-dwelling nomads that resemble humanoid hyenas, and actively raid and plunder other settlements; it also introduces Yeenoghu, the demon god of gnolls who many of them serve and worship. This portrayal of gnolls is the basis for their appearance in EvilHack.

Flinds are particularly strong and vicious beastfolk introduced in the 1st Edition Fiend Folio that are related to gnolls or else are gnolls themselves - they are shorter and broader in stature. Flinds lead their own war bands and command admiration and respect, but almost never love; flinds not in leadership roles often wind up as solitary hunters. A gnoll that kills a flind is said to become a flind themselves. Flinds are often seen with a signature weapon known as the "flindbar": a set of chain-linked iron bars that they can use to attack twice per turn and potentially disarm opponents by entangling their weapons within the chains.

Encyclopedia entry

We are born and we die.
No one cares, no one remembers,
and it doesn't matter.
This is why we laugh.
[ The Gnoll Credo, by J. Stanton ]