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Bourbon, d, is a unique monster that appears in EvilHack. She is a strong, carnivorous canine that can be seen via infravision, and has the ability to go berserk when at low HP. She acts as one of the loyal companions of Kathryn the Ice Queen alongside Ozzy: attacking Kathryn causes them to become hostile, and defeating Kathryn and breaking her curse pacifies them both.

Bourbon has a strong bite attack and a claw attack, and possesses sleep resistance, cold resistance and stoning resistance.


Bourbon is created peaceful. She is always generated in the Ice Queen's Realm, occupying the square north of the upper fountain (which represents her "water bowl") at level creation.

Bourbon will revive at full HP and turn peaceful upon defeat.


Bourbon is based on one of the EvilHack developer's beloved German Shepherd dogs; she is the younger of the two. In 2019, the developer promised his then-seven-year-old daughter Kathryn that he would add her and their dogs to EvilHack, and made them the bosses of a special branch.[1]

Encyclopedia entry

I am your friend, your partner,
Your defender, your dog.
You are my life, my leader.
I will be yours, faithful and true,
To the last beat of my heart.
I am the German Shepherd.
[ Author unknown ]

Koa: July 25th, 2009 - November 29th, 2020
Ozzy: January 13th, 2015 - present
Bourbon: April 19th, 2016 - present