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The difficulty level of the sasquatch is the highest of the apelike creatures, the Y monsters. The sasquatch uses not only a regular claw attack but also a strong kick, to deal extra damage. The sasquatch is also faster than all other apes except the yeti, though unlike the carnivorous ape it will not grab the player.


The sasquatch is a cryptozoological animal not recognized by science. It is said to inhabit the forests in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It is better known as "Bigfoot", hence the bonus with kicking.

Encyclopedia entry

The name _Sasquatch_ doesn't really become important in Canada
until the 1930s, when it appeared in the works of J. W. Burns,
a British Columbian writer who used a great deal of Indian
lore in his stories. Burn's Sasquatch was a giant Indian who
lived in the wilderness. He was hairy only in the sense that
he had long hair on his head, and while this Sasquatch lived a
wild and primitive life, he was fully human.
Burns's character proved to be quite popular. There was a
Sasquatch Inn near the town of Harrison, British Columbia, and
Harrison even had a local celebration called "Sasquatch Days."
The celebration which had been dormant for years was revived
as part of British Columbia's centennial, and one of the
events was to be a Sasquatch hunt. The hunt never took place,
perhaps it was never supposed to, but the publicity about it
did bring out a number of people who said they had encountered
a Sasquatch -- not Burns's giant Indian, but the hairy apelike
creature that we have all come to know.

[ The Encyclopedia of Monsters, by Daniel Cohen ]

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