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The orc-captain, o, is the strongest form of orc that appears in NetHack.


Unlike their brethren, the orc-captain is never randomly generated in groups, and will start with the equipment of either a Mordor orc or Uruk-hai.[1] One or more orc-captains will be generated inside the town walls of Orctown; in games that contain Orctown, a named orc-captain is also guaranteed to be found in Mines' End. This orc captain has a single name, signifying leadership of their clan, and will always have a shiny ring in addition to whatever extra Minetown loot they are generated with.

Hill orcs, Uruk-hai, Mordor orcs and ordinary orcs can all grow up to be orc-captains.[2]


While the orc-captain is not significantly stronger than a Mordor orc or Uruk-hai in terms of base stats, their ability to attack twice per turn can offset their low speed and deal unexpected damage to a player lacking in AC. It is thus best to face them at a distance, but their starting inventory may contain an orcish bow and poisoned orcish arrows; be sure to have poison resistance, especially if you are raiding Orctown. Fortunately, they are not poison resistant themselves, and orcs may also hit their comrades with the arrows; a patient player could use this knowledge to outwit and defeat the captain.