Orcish cloak

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[   orcish cloak   Orcish cloak.png
Appearance coarse mantelet
Slot cloak
AC 0
Base price 40 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

An orcish cloak provides MC1, but conveys no base AC bonus or special abilities. When unidentified, it is a coarse mantelet.


Any cloak is better than an orcish or dwarvish cloak, but an orcish or dwarvish cloak is still better than nothing. Though it offers no AC when not enchanted, it still offers magic cancellation and protects any suit underneath from rust and destroy armor. If you test unknown scrolls by reading them, an orcish or dwarvish cloak can be useful as a throwaway cloak to catch destroy armor, after which you can put your regular cloak back on.


In SLASH'EM, it has an MC of 2.

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