Orcish cloak

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[   orcish cloak   Orcish cloak.png
Appearance coarse mantelet
Slot cloak
AC 0
Base price 40 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

An orcish cloak is a type of cloak that appears in NetHack. It is made of cloth, and appears as a coarse mantelet when unidentified.


Uruk-hai have a 13 chance of generating with an orcish cloak;[1] orc-captains have a 12 chance of being generated with Uruk-hai armor, giving them an effective 16 chance of generating with the cloak.[2]


When worn, an orcish cloak provides no base AC before enchantment, but confers MC1.


While most cloaks (minus the dwarvish cloak) are generally better than orcish cloaks, the cloak is sufficient enough to protect body armor from erosion until a proper one is found. If you test unknown scrolls by reading them, an orcish cloak can also be useful as a throwaway cloak to catch the scroll of destroy armor, after which you can put your regular cloak back on.


The orcish cloak first appears in NetHack 3.0.0. From this version to NetHack 3.4.3, including soome variants based on these versions, a worn orcish cloak grants MC2.


Variants based on NetHack 3.4.3 may retain the orcish cloak's MC2 when worn.

Some variants may give orcs (including the player) an AC bonus for wearing orcish cloaks.


In SLASH'EM, the orcish cloak grants MC2 when worn as in NetHack 3.4.3. An orcish cloak can be upgraded into either an oilskin cloak or an elven cloak, with an equal chance for each item.


In UnNetHack, orcish cloaks grant +1 AC to orcish monsters that wear them, including player orcs.


In dNetHack, an orcish cloak grants 0 AC, 0 DR and MC2 when worn.

The Mantle of Wrath is an artifact orcish cloak that can be safely enchanted to +7. While carried, it grants fire resistance and aggravate monster; while worn, it also confers acid resistance and half spell damage, and blocks all sources of aggravate monster.


In EvilHack, orcish cloaks grant +1 AC to orcish monsters that wear them, including player orcs.

Goblin outriders, goblin-captains and various orcish mercenaries have a 13 chance of generating with an orcish cloak.


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