Dwarvish cloak

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[   dwarvish cloak   Dwarvish cloak.png
Appearance hooded cloak
Slot cloak
AC 0
Base price 50 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

A dwarvish cloak provides MC1, but conveys no base AC bonus or special abilities. When unidentified, it is a hooded cloak. Besides its higher base value, it is functionally identical to the orcish cloak.


Any cloak is better than a dwarvish or orcish cloak, but a dwarvish or orcish cloak is still better than nothing. Though it offers no AC when not enchanted, it still offers magic cancellation and protects any suit underneath from rust and destroy armor. If you test unknown scrolls by reading them, an orcish or dwarvish cloak can be useful as a throwaway cloak to catch destroy armor, after which you can put your regular cloak back on.

Non-lawful characters will likely run across dozens of these cloaks while exploring the Gnomish Mines. Collecting and then selling them can provide your character with some easy money relatively early in the game. Since the shopkeeper will tell you they are dwarvish cloaks, this autopickup exception will turn itself off automatically after you cash in:

# #raise cash for speed runners, on the way down to mine town


In slash'em, it has an MC of 2.

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